Wednesday, January 27, 2010

(Very) Rough Draft for Title Lettering Cover of Kurdt's Book

My horrible scanner cut off the very end.

So, Kurdt, here's the rough for my amateurish lettering of the cover of your book, "A Smell of Whisky, A Swallow of Blood", which took about 4 or 5 minutes to do. I could not find Nico's cover so I just winged it. Is there anything you'd like me to change about the design (I'll change the little stuff like off-kilter lettering in the finished version) before I do the slick, finished version in Rapidograph pen (Smell of Whisky) and brush (Swallow of Blood)? I'll be a lot more careful with lines for that one (the broadway font would be solid black, the "Swallow of Blood" would be quick, jagged ink brush marks).


Kurdt said...

Looks good dude! Seriously, whatever you come up with I'll use.
You've actually motivated me to start working on this thing again.
I've been slackin' :(

Justin said...

Thanks! I'll work out the dings and get the final up here soon.

Take your time on it.

John-Michael Morgan said...

I really like these, man! They look great!

Justin said...

Thans, John!

Justin said...


I don't have a broken-English keyboard, I swear.