Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tex Avery

As much as I like Bob Clampett's work (and I really, really like it), Tex Avery is my favorite cartoon director. I saw cartoons from both guys in my youth, and have always preferred the Tex Averys for some reason. Anyways, here's my favorite of all his stuff:

Typical, right? Sorry, that's just the one with the most life and flair. I love it, and did when I was 8 years old too.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sorry for the Decline in Posts

My scanner is not cooperating because my computer recently had a virus, and I can't find the scanner's instruction manual. Ah, well.

I'll soon do a post on my favorite cartoon director.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Response to a Spumkin Post on the Weight Issue

I agree with Spumkin a hundred percent. McDonalds is a horrible festering blob of deranged marketing directed toward the weak.

I, myself, am not really overweight (I don't think so, at least. What classifies as overweight?), as I take long walks, but never exersize (body-builders inexplicably make me very mad).

I'm sure not a vegetarian, but unlike Spumkin, I enjoy some vegetables, like peppers and such.

What makes me mad more than morbidly fat people are the morbidly skinny people. Look at 'em! You could break 'em in half! That's not directed toward the innocent starving or the ones who honestly can't help it due to health conditions, but the ones who have the choice to be normal, but puke their guts out instead. It's not worth it. Brothers, don't date anyone with bulemia, for I hear their breath smells like desert roadkill.

So don't be too skinny or fat! Take walks, or like the advice I have been given by many wise people, take a hike! That is all.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Quotes from Cartooners

Cartoonists aren't very well-known for producing familiar quotes, but they have written or said some wise words worth mentioning:


"The drawn line is the devil's jiz stain"
[The above may be my favorite quote from anyone, ever.]

"Mystery is the eyeball's food and it will eat a trillion-fold its weight a day!"


"The picture story, which the critics disregard and scholars scarcely notice, had great influence at all times, perhaps even more than written literature"-1845


"Are we having fun yet?"
[This was actually from his Zippy the Pinhead comic strip]


"Cartooning will destroy you. It will break your heart"

And here's some Szukalski, even though he wasn't a cartoonist, but his portraits were exaggerated to the point of near-caricature:

"If your child were dying, and you were carried by despair to run to God's Mother to speak ungrammatically, and you toched her cheek with a muddy hand from falling, is the mark you leave on her face... dirty? Or is it the mark of your heart-break? You need not apoligize when you speak in tears!"

"Art must be INTERESTING, but only to YOU, not your professor, father or priest. You are the FINAL JUDGE, because it is YOU who is doing the daring"

"What Norman Rockwell did with his art was mere taxidermy, composed anecdotally. If you are a beginner, make your mistakes BEAUTIFULLY and they will be Art. Beyond all! Do not fear to undertake the next work and do not stop until it is done COMPLETELY, then... sit back and admire.... YOURSELF"

I encourage commentors to add some.