Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How the Average Joe Separates "Good" Art from "Bad"

The average people on the street may not know art, but they know what they like! This is how I believe they perceive things...

Michelangelo (above): Good or Bad?
Bad!! Such unspeakable profanity he portrays! Besides, he can draw better than me!

Picasso (above): Good or Bad?
Bad!! He can't draw better than I can, which is a plus, but I can't understand it, which makes it subversive, which is bad.

Drew Friedman (above): Good or Bad?
Bad!! His caricatures look too much like the person. He must use computers or somethin'.

Jim Davis (above): Good or Bad?
Good! That crazy cat and his shenanigans crack me up every day! Lookit how he ruined that freak's eggs! HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!!

Jack Davis (above): Good or Bad?
Bad!! His name sounds like the guy who does Garfield, but he's southern, and I don't like folk art.

Tom Wilson (above): Good or Bad?
Good! He can draw about as good as I can, and the jokes aren't too hard for me to understand! Look... the duck knows all the best spots! HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!!

Robert Williams (above): Good or Bad?
Bad!! Too much is going on. It makes my head hurt.

Milt Gross (above): Good or Bad?
Bad!! This is just pathetic! My kid can draw better than that! Gimme back Ziggy.

Matt Groening (above): Good or Bad?
Good! He did The Simpsons.

Footnote to the perplexed: This obviously does not represent any of my opinions. It represents those of someone whose personality is the complete opposite of mine. Thankyew.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boris Artzybasheff

(Please enlarge images below)

Boris Artzybasheff has and always will be a huge influence on me. His work is incredible. "Such extreme perfection in art can't be possible," I though when I first saw it. But apparently, it is.

Why such a mainstream magazine as TIME accepted his strange, subtle art is a mystery, but I'm sure glad they did! He introduced the general public to his great art and did over 200 covers for the magazine! Basil Wolverton had to have seen some of this.

Even though he did so many covers for the famous magazine, he is very obscure today. I've included a gallery for the benifit of newcomers and old Artzybasheff fans alike to enjoy.

I'd like to close with my favorite:

And by the way, Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hello there! Welcome to the new blog! I know my old blog's still only a few months old, but it's all jumbled up this way and that. This blog will include less, if any, of my own drawings. Rather, I'll try and talk about other people's stuff. Now to get started on the first real post...