Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Response to a Spumkin Post on the Weight Issue

I agree with Spumkin a hundred percent. McDonalds is a horrible festering blob of deranged marketing directed toward the weak.

I, myself, am not really overweight (I don't think so, at least. What classifies as overweight?), as I take long walks, but never exersize (body-builders inexplicably make me very mad).

I'm sure not a vegetarian, but unlike Spumkin, I enjoy some vegetables, like peppers and such.

What makes me mad more than morbidly fat people are the morbidly skinny people. Look at 'em! You could break 'em in half! That's not directed toward the innocent starving or the ones who honestly can't help it due to health conditions, but the ones who have the choice to be normal, but puke their guts out instead. It's not worth it. Brothers, don't date anyone with bulemia, for I hear their breath smells like desert roadkill.

So don't be too skinny or fat! Take walks, or like the advice I have been given by many wise people, take a hike! That is all.


Kurdt said...

Well, I've been a stick all my life but it's my natural state. I've never made myself puke on purpose, I imagine that would be rather unpleasent.
I haven't eaten McDonald's since I saw Supersize me. Watching Mr. Spurlock puke his guts out after eating a big mac pretty much turned me off of fast food for life. I'll eat it every once in awhile but only if other people are eating there or their aren't any other options.
Running and walking is a good way to keep yourself in shape. If more people walked three miles everyday we'd have less of an obesity problem.

Anonymous said...

Say, Spitter: stop by my blog for some dumb Internet pics!