Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cartoonists I barely know of, whose work I need to look into.

Rick Trembles:

Some of this guy(above)'s work is so perverse and disturbing that Crumb couldn't handle it. I had a hard time finding a clean drawing by him (below).

Bruce N. Duncan:

Apparently, one of the great, "crude", cartoonists. I discovered his work in Weirdo magazine a few months before he died in July 2009. Brilliant.

Kazuo Umezu:

Said to be the Japanese master of horror comics. What little I've seen is terrific.

Dave Cooper:

I think the story with Cooper is that he used to draw all comics, now he draws fat women and children's books.

Ho Che Anderson:

His art is beautiful.

Lyonel Feininger:

Did very, very little comics work. I've seen a few of the comics.

John Stanley:

Did the Little Lulu and Nancy comic books.

C.F. (below, seated):

Did Powr Mastrs 1-3.

Bald Eagles:

Mysterious guy. I've seen some of his work.

Rand Holmes:

Underrated underground cartoonist and oil painter, I've read.

Lawrence Hubbard:

Did the punkish "Real Deal" comic books.

Richard Sala:

What I've seen by this guy is excellent. Mystery comics stuff.


John-Michael Morgan said...

I really oughtta check these guys out. Especially that Kazuo Umezu fellow.

Justin said...

Try The Drifting Classroom series.