Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Night I Fucked My Alarm Clock

by Charles Bukowski

starving in philadelphia
i had a small room
it was evening going into night
and i stood at my window on the 3rd floor
in the dark and looked down into a
kitchen across the way on the 2nd floor
and i saw a beautiful blonde girl
embrace a young man there and kiss him
with what seemed hunger
and i stood and watched until they broke
then i turned and switched on the room light
i saw my dresser and my dresser drawers
and my alarm clock on the dresser
i took my alarm clock
to bed with me and
fucked it until the hands dropped off
then i went out and walked the streets
until my feet blistered
when i got back i walked to the window
and looked down and across the way
and the light in their kitchen was


Oisin O'Sullivan said...

I really need to buy some Bukowski books

Justin said...

Eh, I don't have any either. They're hard to find at small local bookstores. Plenty on Amazon though, Crumb illustrated some.

Here's him reading The Night I Killed Tommy, one of his best: