Thursday, July 22, 2010

More of My Favorite Cartoonists

I felt like I should be fair and list my other favorite cartoonists, besides the top 10 (see the "More Lists" post). Let's see here, there's plenty...

Vaughn Bode
Joel Beck
Boody Rogers
Virgil Partch
David Gemmil
Federico Fellini
Rick Griffin
George Herriman
Marc Smeets
Bruce N. Duncan
Art Spiegelman
Peter Bagge
Basil Wolverton
Eugene Zimmerman
Rick Altergott
Jack Davis
Don Martin
Gilbert Hernandez
Dave Cooper
Drew Friedman
George Booth
KC Green
Milt Gross
Johnny Craig
Graham Ingels
Gahan Wilson
Shel Silverstein (I know I listed him in writers but he needs a place here too.)
Tex Avery
Rory Hayes
Jim Osborne
Gary Panter
Joost Swarte
David Low
Johnny Ryan
Sergio Aragones
Hans Rickheit
Fletcher Hanks
Hank Ketcham
Greg Irons
Rand Holmes
John Holmstrom
Gary Larson
Charles Addams
Jerry Moriarty
Sam Henderson
Tony Millionaire
Skip Williamson
Henriette Valium
Pascal Doury
Martin Vaughn-James
Ernie Bushmiller
Charles Schulz
J.R. Williams
Michael Kupperman
Arnold Roth
Kim Deitch
Mark Beyer
AL Columbia
Chester Gould
Tim Hensley
Glenn Head
Gene Deitch
Tim Lane
Winsor McCay
Robert Williams
Al Jaffee
Bernard Krigstein
Dan O'Neill
E.C. Segar
Gilbert Shelton
Jay Lynch
Marc Bell
Xavier Robel
Helge Reumann
Bill Mauldin

I may add more later.

Some of you may wonder why I didn't include some of the cartoonists of the newer generation (with the exception of KC Green). The answer is simple: I dislike almost all of them. Goodnight.

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