Monday, September 7, 2009

An imitation of a Spumkin post, "Alphabet Meme"

I thought it was neat, so here.

A – Age: 15 and 5 months.

B – Bed Size: King.

C – Chore you hate: Weed-eating the yard in 98 degree weather.

D – Dog’s name: I have 5 jack russels named Lucy, Dotty, Samson, Andy and Millie.

E – Essential start your day item: Put in contacts.

F – Favorite colour: Anything but bright orange. It's the color of torture and makes my eyes bleed.

G – Gold or Silver: Gold. I am cheap.

H – Height: I forget the exact measurements. My head bumps into the ceiling fan a lot, though.

I – Instruments you play(ed): Trumpet, guitar.

J – Job title: Future ceiling licker.

K – Kid(s): You never know.

L – Living arrangements: A room in a 4 bedroom house, with bad living conditions because all available space is filled with books.

M – Mom’s name: Ma.

N – Nicknames: Grits.

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Dehidration as result of a virus. Lost about 9 pounds and puked over 10 times a day. Fuckin' miserable stuff.

P – Pet Peeve: Constant clearing of throat.

Q – Quote from a movie: "Future events such as these WILL effect YOU in the future!"

R – Right or left handed: Right.

S – Sports: I hate all sports and always will.

T – Time you wake up: It varies. Sometimes 5:30, sometimes 10.

U- Underwear: Boxers.

V – Vegetable you dislike: The thought of tomatoes makes me want to puke.

W – Ways you want to die: Gotta go with Spumkin on this one!

X – X-rays you’ve had: Sprained back (thought it was broken).

Y – Yummy food you make: Maddox sandwich.

Z – Zoo favorite: The fat guy looking at the hippos is always funny.

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John-Michael Morgan said...

No man can resist the naked girl avalanche.

Also, there's a new post on the Logan and Kenny blog!