Monday, July 6, 2009

"I Remember the Sixties"

From Weirdo #4, here's one of my favorite comics from one of my favorite cartoonists, Robert Crumb (click to enlarge):

I recall Spumkin asking me to put some Crumb on here a while back, so yer welcome!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ignatz!

Have you found any of his stuff from the Fritz the Cat comics?

If you can dig that up, perhaps I may find some Ralph Bakshi lying in the midst...

Ignatz said...

Yeah, I've seen the "Fritz" stuff. It's excellent. I've seen part of the Fritz movie though, which isn't really like Crumb's stuff.

I have a request of you, if it's not too much trouble... do you think you could do a post on your blog analyzing Vaughn Bode and his work? I'll do it if you don't want to. No pressure.

Anonymous said...

I'm officially transferring to my sketch blog.

I'm still going to be posting other life / cartoon related stuff, just on another blog.

It's going to be such a bitch transferring my link-list. Damn my love of art.