Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coming soon: my picks for the "100 Greatest Cartoonists"

Yup, everybody is making "top 100" lists these days, so I decided that I'll do one too, 1 cartoonist per post. Old ones, new ones, foreign ones, local ones, forgotten ones, famous ones, they'll all be put to my judgement... startin' with my next post!


pinguino1971 said...

DANIEL WILSON,el legitimo heredero de RICARDO LOPEZ BASTIDA, cosecha miles de seguidores:

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Justin said... translation:

"DANIEL WILSON, the legitimate heir of RICARDO LOPEZ BASTIDA, harvest thousands of supporters:

Leave your comment and vote in our survey"

Spam? Ugh.

J.R. Spumkin said...

I'm so hoping John K. is on this list!

And if you'll excuse my Aramaic, who the fuck is Ricardo Lopez Bastida?