Friday, March 6, 2009

Great Greg Irons Cartoon

I realize that my last post was about an hour ago, but I ran across this gem and I haven't the patience to wait. I wonder if it'll be included in Craig Yoe's upcoming book, The Great Anti-War Cartoons? Probably, since Ron Cobb and Crumb are gonna be in it.

That image just strikes me as great art, though. But that's likely because I'm a big fan of Irons. I have that posthumous retrospective book of his work, "You Call This Art!??". Sad that he died so young. Ah, well. 'Atsa way it goes.


Anonymous said...

This is a very good piece. It reminds me of that movie. Something about a man and his gun...

What was it called? "Johnny Got His Reprimand?"

Phantom Spitter said...


Hey Spumkin, have you seen Watchmen yet? Any good?