Saturday, March 14, 2009

Does Anyone Else Like Classic Comic Strips?

I was raised on collections of old newspaper comic strips and love them so. Even the crude ones have some character and interest to me. If you don't have any interest in such, the most I could hope for is to build up one. Even a little bit.

Is this (above) not the most beautiful comic strip? It's from 1918, but it's timeless. It's not dated at all, if you don't count the ad thing in the lower right corner (how I hate those). Sorry about the bad scan.

Ah, Milt Gross' Nize Baby. Such a zany sight. Doesn't it look like he had a ton of fun drawing that?

When I first saw Herriman's Krazy Kat (at about nine or ten), I was... I don't know. I didn't understand it, but was entranced by it. Now I understand it, and it still entrances me! Note the changing backgrounds.

Who doesn't love Thimble Theatre? It introduced Popeye!! That drawing style is great.

Little Nemo has such supreme draftsmanship! Winsor McCay was a master!

More of my opinions on other gems on request.


Anonymous said...

Splendid finds, Spitter!

Phantom Spitter said...

Glad to see another guy who appreciates 'em!

Kurdt said...

Classic comic strips are hard to get into because they're so hard to find outside of expensive re-prints.
It'd be cool to hear how you came to find yours!

Phantom Spitter said...

Well, I first got into them when I recieved a book, The Comics Before 1945, as a gift. I've hunted down book collections ever since, and look for newspaper clippings on eBay and antique shops whenever I can. I once found a clipping of Rube Goldberg's Pepsi & Pete in a shop, and that's the only comic newspaper clipping I own.
I also like looking at, for their obscure old comic strips.