Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Classic Down: "El Dorado"

Now with the new-and-improved 11-star rating system!

**********+ (10 1/2 stars)
John Wayne and Robert Mitchum star in a classic gunslinger?! SIGN ME UP!! This classic gets a high approval from me. I knock off half a star for some slight overacting at the beginning, but that's nearly insignificant when you look at the movie as a whole. An unquestionable must-see!


kurdt said...

Robert Mitchum and John Wayne in the same movie? Sounds like the manliest movie ever made!
I'll have to put this on the top of my Netflix list, thanks!

J.R. Spumkin said...

Adding to my list of must views.

Thanks for the recommendation, Spitter!

kurdt said...

Hey, I figured out how to add more authors to one blog. You go to basic settings, permissions, and add author.

Phantom Spitter said...

You're welcome, the two a' yuz!

And Kurdt, I want to be a part of that blog please.