Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Books in My Possession, Part 1

I own a shitload of books. And some of them I'm not too crazy about, but am too lazy to put on eBay. Here are some reviews on my staggering mass of volumes:

The Bad Guys:

This I got at a great used book store with a vast selection of books impossible to find (Many were staggeringly old. One ancient tattered bible, which was only for desplay, had blood on a page which was tested and had bubonic plague. I kid you not). It's a written history of the movie villain and I really like it. It goes in depth and is very well-written.

Hacking Video Game Consoles:

Why I got this I don't really know. It shows how to make old video game systems into portables. I saw it and thought it might be cool to do, so I bought it. I am confident I will never spend the time and money on the projects. As my father said on several occasions, "That's more money shoved up a hog's ass".

Naked Lunch:

William S. Burroughs' masterpiece. I'd recommend it to a stranger.


This is just a classic which everyone should read. Set half in a nazi war-camp, half in outer space.

A Pictorial History of the Talkies:

I just bought this for caricature practice. It's fantastic content though. Bought it at the same place I bought The Bad Guys.

Rebel Visions, The Underground Comix Revolution:

Yeah, that's right. I love underground comix and don't care one bit what John K. says about 'em. I have a small collection of them myself, including a rare Mr. Natural #2! Am I bragging? I hope I'm not.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce!!:

I love this book. Lenny Bruce is my favorite comedian of all time with no exceptions. I got it for 5 CENTS at a library sale!!!! Now I know I'm bragging. Sorry.


J.R. Spumkin said...

I oughtta do a library post of my own, some time. Most of them are art books, but I do have a couple of gems lurking about.

Phantom Spitter said...

Art books aren't gems?! Are too.

But you mean relatively obscure books. Yeah. I've got loads of art books too. Saul Steinberg, Dali, Greg Irons, Drew Friedman, some cartoon books...

Howzabout you name some from your collection!

kurdt said...

I have mostly graphic novels and comic books right now.
My favorites are Watchmen (of course), Kraven's Last Hunt (the best Spiderman story ever made), and Black Hole.
I also have just about everything Roman Dirge has done and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee! by Johnen Vasquez.

Phantom Spitter said...

I love Black Hole!!

Never read Watchmen. I leafed through it in a bookstore and just put it back on the shelf. Would it have been worth it?

Not too crazy 'bout Vasquez. The colors make me mad, but the art's fine. He's got too many imitators.

Very picky when it comes to stuff like that.

heririson said...

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kurdt said...

Ha ha, nice spam there Heririson!
Sweet, another black hole fan!
Yes Watchmen is most certainly worth it! I picked it up to see what the hype was all about and it blew me away, I couldn't put it down.
Yeah, Vasquez isn't for everyone. I love his work but his fanboys (and girls) creep me the Hell out.

J.R. Spumkin said...

I actually used to be a Vasquez imitator. I might still have some art lying around from that strange era, but yeah.

Phantom Spitter said...

"I actually used to be a Vasquez imitator."

There's still a LOT of his influence noticeable in your work today (head shapes, tongues, etc.). That's fine, but please don't imitate his color scheme! It makes me so mad! But keep doin' what yer doin', 'cause it's great!

Phantom Spitter said...

The influence is mostly notable in Logan and Slunchy, which I think is brilliant.