Monday, November 1, 2010

Come back, Oisin O'Sullivan!

Your blogs were awesome!


Kurdt said...

I second that! Where did you go dude?

bluh blah blah balh said...

Hey guys, its me.
wow i just read this in passing, i was looking through both of your blogs for the first time in a few months.

the reason I deleted my blog was because i wasnt writing much at the time and posting crappy stuff i found that i'd written about two years ago.
I started the blog hoping that it would make me start writing regularly, but it didnt, and i felt like i was being an ass to anybody who'd want to read it by not posting regularly.

but i have been writing quite a bit lately and even though im probably not going to start the blogs again, if you like, i could send some stuff to both of you though e-mail?
thanks for the post, it was flattering!

Justin said...

Sorry I just now found your comment, I've been on break from Blogger.

You weren't being an ass by any means. I really wish your blogs were back, but you can email me at

Hope you see this! Peace!