Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Don's Art is spectacular. It reminds me of a drunk on a high wire who miraculously makes it to the other side each time, but not without the tension"

-Robert Williams

Here are some paintings by Don Van Vliet, alias Captain Beefheart. I find them insanely interesting... Charming yet even more raw and savage than the heaviest of Ralph Steadman's oeuvre.

I wish they'd make a big coffee-table book collecting all the ones in existence, but then I'd be broke.

Stagecoach to Hell (1985)

Untitled (1967)

Untitled (1986)

Untitled (1986)

When She Dropped the Flower (1969)

Check Bif (1986)

Copper Diver (1985)

Feather Times a Feather (1987)

Provided You Go Outside (1984)

Rumfhala Horror Puppet (1986)

Untitled self-portrait with his wife, Jan. (1976)

Beezoo, Beezoo (1985)

Crepe and Black Lamps (1986)

Golden Birdies (1988)

Boat and Blue Bodagress (1984)

Cinnamon Chops (1990)


John Michael Pesina said...

Cool. I love Vliet's choice of color in all of these.

Justin said...

Yeah, a great natural color sense. The few Rothko's I've seen make amazing use of color too. Can't wait for your post on him.