Monday, April 26, 2010

How to Eat Watermelon -Petey Green

I must agree, salt doesn't belong on a watermelon.


Oisin O'Sullivan said...

i dunno if this is an intentional comedy or not but it made me laugh my head off

Justin said...

It made me laugh too.

He went for humor a lot, so it is probably intentional.

His Howard Stern interview is hysterical:

I want to go to Ireland some time badly, by the way.

Oisin O'Sullivan said...

I live in this tiny town (pop. about 5000 rednecks)in the midlands and its an awful lot like what Ive heard about middle America with Colerado and Kansas and those states.
The people here are devout Catholics and awfully rascist and homophobic and misogynistic.

I grew up in Dublin City and it's a great place, theres a bunch of stuff to do.
The west coast has pretty amazing scenery and has all the irish - speaking areas.
My everyday experience of Ireland sucks but there are some awesome places in it.
Whereabouts do you wanna visit?