Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's this? Symbolism?

Not this time, folks. Just an imaginary tree I drew in school, out of boredom.


Kurdt said...

I always used to draw my trees with large holes in the front too. I liked to imagine something lived in there, waiting to bite off the fingers of who ever was stupid enough to stick their hand in...
You draw much better than I ever could though!

Justin said...

Thanks! I considered drawing eyes peeping out of the knothole when I was drawing it.

Actually, if you practice and practice, draw every day and all that, trying to hone a style and line, you will evolve fast in drawing skill. There may not be enough time to, with a job and writing, so I don't know. I know of some people who started seriously drawing at around 25 or so and have done amazing things.