Monday, November 9, 2009

Videos of artists

Painters, cartoonists, etc. become so associated with their work that when people see their stuff, they often have preconceived images in their heads of how the artist looks and sounds and behaves. They're often surprised when and if they see and hear the artist, because almost always the contrived image is completely different from the actual person. There's just something about videos of artist that I like.

Jim Woodring:

One of the Youtube commentors sez Jim Woodring sounds like "a sage". I don't know what that means, but OK.

Robert Crumb:

I can scarcely think of things more entertaining than the great Crumb being interviewed by sleazy old Al Goldstein (above).

Harvey Kurtzman and Jack Davis:

Stan Lee gets on my nerves and Harvey's Parkinson's-disease-stricken voice saddens me, but the video is very interesting.

Hans Rickheit:

My newest fave, the regretfully underrated Hans Rickheit. I love his work.

Tony Millionaire in a video where he plays God!:

Mike Diana and Susie Morbid:

Infamous cartoonist and girlfriend.

A video by Makemebad35 that has nothing to do with cartoonists! HOOHAH!!

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John-Michael Morgan said...

Great post, man! I've always wondered what Woodring and Kurtzman sounded like and looked like.