Monday, June 1, 2009

The Only Known Comic by Eugene Teal: Frogs Sunday Funnie

Culled from an issue of Weirdo, here's what is probably the most mysterious comic I've ever seen. I can't make any sense of it! Any translators?


J.R. Spumkin said...

Hmm...well it was "discovered" by Mr. "R. Crumb"...

but it's meaning is completely lost to me. Unless it's about the deeper meaning and significance of all life around us.

Probably not, but I tried.

Phantom Spitter said...

"Hmm...well it was 'discovered' by Mr. 'R. Crumb'..."

Yeah, the thought crossed my mind that Crumb drew it up, but if you read the magazine, that just doesn't fit.

I've grown to really like the strip, in its absurdity.